Operative Medical Training

Operative Medical Training (OMT)

Bridging the gap between traditional medical training, live tissue training and tactical training, we provide a unique training environment.

Extensive use of bleeding simulators and other casualty simulation equipment force students to perform proper and effective interventions on a level not possible with traditional mannequin training.

The Operative Medical Training concept is designed to build upon the customers’ existing medical program. Students follow their normal procedures, while we through training and feedback improve and streamline their performance within the current framework.

This offers maximum skill improvement and efficiency while reducing friction and confusion from changing algorithms or strategies. This requires more adaptability, flexibility and skill from our instructors, but is what has made the OMT concept so well received by our customers.

Operative Medical Training - Basic

Basic life saving interventions

with focus on bleeding control and hypothermia prevention.

Operative Medical Training - Intermediate

Building on the basic course with more interventions and new challenges.

Operative Medical Training - Advanced

Advanced intervetions for the experienced provider.