OMT Intermediate

Operative Medical Training - Intermediate

The Operative Medical Training - Intermediate course is intended for military or law enforcement medics, EMTs and paramedics.

The OMT - Intermediate course builds on the OMT - Basic course, giving the provider a better foundation to render life saving interventions in the tactical enviroment. 

(Before attending this course you must have passed a OMT - Basic course)

Bridging the gap between traditional medical training, live tissue training and tactical training, we provide a unique training environment.

Extensive use of bleeding simulators and other casualty simulation equipment force students to perform proper and effective interventions on a level not possible with traditional mannequin training.

The Operative Medical Training concept is designed to build upon the customers’ existing medical program. Students follow their normal procedures, while we through training and feedback improve and streamline their performance within the current framework.

This offers maximum skill improvement and efficiency while reducing friction and confusion from changing algorithms or strategies. This requires more adaptability, flexibility and skill from our instructors, but is what has made the OMT concept so well received by our customers.

Learning objectives:

  • Recapitulation on subjects covered in OMT - Basic.

  • Have a broad knowlege of hemostatic agents currently on the market. How they are used and how they work.
  • Be confident in the use of junctional tourniquets.
  • Be confident in more advanced airway interventions: surgical airways and supraglottic airways.
  • Be confident in the management of thoracic injuries, including basic Thoracostomy.
  • Be confident in establishing vascular access: IVs, IOs (Fast-1, Ez-IO, NIO)
  • Master basic wound care: basic debridement, rinsing and packing.
  • Be confident in prehospital burn management.
  • Master the use of different splinting equipment, including traction splinting.
  • Have a basic understanding of medications used in the TFC/TEC/PFC setting.




NOK T.B.D. ,- per person

The price includes all medical equipment needed for the course.

The course fee does not include travel expenses, food or accomodation. Contact us for a list of available accomodation close to the training venue.

Minimum 6 students to run. Max 10 students per course to maintain hands on time.


The OMT course concept can seamlessly work with your current trauma management system, such as (but not limited to):


  • TCCC
  • TECC
  • ITLS