Casualty Simulation Services

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Casualty Simulation Services

Casualty simulation is more than moulage (medical make up, extremely simlified). Casualty simulation is the whole package of setting up successful medical training scenarios.

It also includes designing and setting up scenarios, creating realistic casualties and how they should be played to best fill their role in the scenario and much more.

Casualty simulation is not cinematic special effects. You can have the most perfectly blended appliance that looks extremely realistic in photograps, but if the intention of the scenario is to train wound packing, you have to be able to pack the simulated injury. It needs to look realistic enough to sell the scenario, and carried by good actors, we can create very immersive training scenarios that gives both a good enough visual experience with a very good practical training enviroment. 

We make good use of bleeding simulators and other advanced casualty simulation equipment to make our casualty simulation as realistic as possible. 

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